Job Descriptions are listed below the roster.
Last Updated : April 29, 2005

Please be aware that all emails are currently being sent to the web manager and will be forwarded to the appropriate individual upon receipt by her. Consequently, do not send an email you wish to keep confidential via these links.

District Manager (Acting) Tracy W 731.6500
Past District Managers Vicki M
Debbie J
Treasurer Barbara E 561.5300
Registrar Patti B 341.5488
Product Sales Manager Jo H 844.1069
Web Site Manager Terri E 844.2664
Lead Delegate Kelsey G 321.1974
Daisy ALC Debbie J 846.6628
Brownie ALC Carol W 814.4476
Junior ALC Lisa K 845.5557
Cadette/Senior ALC Cindy W 845.8680
New Troop Coordinator Kelly B 814.6529
St Matt's Coordinator Laura D 541.8762
Summer Program Coordinator Terri E 844.2664
Event Coordinator Pat M 543.0771
Training & Recognitions Vicki M 841.1119
Membership Specialist Tracy W 731.6500

 WHO DO I CONTACT? Team Member Job Descriptions (In Brief)

 Registrar -
Handles all registrations for girls within Meck 11's troops, both early bird and fall recruitment. Maintains current list of active troops and troop membership.
Please turn any and all registrations into the district's Registrar and not at Council.
 Treasurer -
Handles the finances of the District, including deposits, payments, and budgetary reports to Council.
 New Troop Coordinator -
Responsible for School Recruitment night and for establishment of new troops, as well as assisting new troop leaders with the initial setup of a bank account and first meetings,
 Product Sales Manager -
Handles training, paperwork, cookie pickup at the warehouse, and prize distribution for both Magazine and Cookie sales campaigns. She is assisted by the Cookie Booth Coordinator, who handles the booth assignments during the cookie sales campaign.
 Age Level Consultants - Daisy , Brownie , Junior , Cadette/Senior
Serve as a troop leaders primary resource person. ALCs can help with ideas for your troop meetings and answer a lot of questions you may have about what's going on within the district. The ALCs also host the Age Level Funshops for Troop Leaders in October and February.
 Training and Recognitions -
Keeps and maintains the training records of all our leaders and at the end of the year is responsible for handling district level award nominations and awards to be given at the end of the year District Banquet. Also arranges for a First Aid and CPR class each year for leaders needing to get it or update current certification.
 Lead Delegate -
Meck 11 elects seven delegates (and four alternates) to represent the district and our interests at the open membership meetings in October and the Annual Membership meeting in May. The Lead Delegate is responsible for insuring all delegates have the proper training as required by Council and that the district is fully represented at each council meeting.
 St Matt's Coordinator -
Coordinates Girl Scout Troops sponsored by St. Matthew Catholic Church.
  District Manager
Meck 11 is currently without a volunteer District Manager
 Membership Specialist -
Our liaison with council,

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