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Place a tarp underneath the cookie cartons to prevent moisture from being absorbed into the cardboard cases or cookie boxes then pull the rest of it over the top of the cookies. Damaged cookie boxes can't be sold, or returned.

An American Flag, properly displayed on it's flag pole to the left side of your table, will help draw attention to your booth.
If you are selling cookies during the coldest part of the year, insure that the girls are adequately clothed with the sash or vest on the outside of their coats. It looks goofy, but then the clashing colors will grab some attention.
 Use a large table cloth or bed sheet to cover the table. You can hide boxes and belongings underneath.
Hang a poster over the front of the booth with your troop number.
 Have plastic bags on hand to put the cookies in.
If at all possible, have at least one of your scouts in a full uniform. They are eye catching, and people respond to it. The outdated Brownie beanie works great!
ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU! Even if they don't buy.


There are several ways of doing this. All require a little bit of math and some bookkeeping.

Example #1:

The girls get equally divided credit for the number of boxes sold at the booth while they were there.

However, the most equitable formula looks something like this:

Example #2 :

total # of hours a girl worked at all cookie booths
divided by the total number of cookie booth hours for the troop
times the total number of cookie boxes sold at all of the booths.
equals the number the girl is credited for toward incentive prizes

This is the most equitable because it is based on the time the girl invested in the cookie booth and not the actual number sold at the booth she was assigned to work.

A troop with 3 cookie booths is likely to have a hot one and a cold one as far as sales go. Is it fair for a girl to be penalized because the booth she worked the third weekend was a really slow one and the other one on the first weekend did really well?
This formula allows for the team aspect of raising money for the troop to be emphasized instead of the individual's rewards.

A STRATEGY FOR MINIMIZING FINANCIAL RISKS When you only plan to do ONE cookie booth.
 It's simple: At the cookie booth, sell the cookies you've already sold.
Then, replace the booth sold cookies by picking up replacements at the council's cookie cupboard and distribute to the girls for delivery to their customers.
 Use preorder sales numbers as a guide for choosing which cookies to have at your cookie booth. It won't make any sense to have cartons of a certain cookie on hand if presale orders don't indicate that it is a favorite. New cookie varieties can be especially hazardous to the troop's profitability if they aren't well received by customers and can't be sold.
  Of course, if you have a troop whose presale orders were poor, additional cookies will need to be ordered for the early cookie booth. Just be sure to make your order conservative. Even if it is the first weekend of cookie sales, troops will be everywhere and cookies abundant.
Extra Boxes of Thin Mint cookies are handy to have, especially if you need to trade box for box with another troop for that one special order requiring the one flavor of cookie you don't have on hand. Thin Mints are very exchange friendly.

THE # 1 BASIC RULE OF COOKIE $ - It belongs to the troop, not individual girls.

Individual girls are rewarded for their sales efforts through the sales level prizes provided by council. (I.e. the patch, pencil case, radio, t-shirt, and cookie dough)

Once cookie $ is in the troop coffers - it belongs to everyone.

How can you set goals? Do it as a troop, set the goals for the troop as a whole to meet.
For example, the troop must sell "x" number of boxes to have this trip totally paid for, otherwise, 1/2 of cost must be paid from home.

Unless you are saving for a big trip, all monies should be spent in the year it is earned.

It is a good idea to purchase all of your year end awards before telling the girls they have “x” amount of money to spend on something fun.

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