A Game or Two
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Created September 6, 2006


This game was of my own creation when two new, never before scouts joined a cadette troop. It proved to be a great way for the experienced scouts to "show off" and an easy way for the new girls to be introduced to some of the traditions and lingo of scouting without any embarrassment.

The new scouts are given a stack of note cards with "Teach Me, Tell Me" on one side and instructions on the other. The new scout draws a card and asks an experienced scout to do what is on the instruction side. The girls questioned are allowed "conferences" with others in order to answer any question or perform any task.

Here are some suggestions:
  • Teach me the Girl Scout handshake.
  • Tell me a funny camp story.
  • Tell me what you like most about Girl Scouts
  • Teach me the Girl Scout Promise.
  • Tell me about your last camping trip.
  • Teach me how to tie a square knot.
  • Tell me what you know about Juliette Low.
  • Teach me how to build a campfire.
  • Tell me about s'mores and how to make them.
  • Tell me what a friendship circle is.
  • Teach me your favorite Girl Scout camp song.
  • Teach me the Brownie Smile Song.
  • Tell me about community service projects you have done as a Girl Scout.
  • Tell me about the last badge you earned and why you chose it.
  • Tell me what a sit-upon is and what it is used for.
  • Teach me three things I can do with a bandana.
  • Tell me your "camp" name and how did you get it.

Add as many more cards to your game as you wish. Then have fun.



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