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 Page last updated on January 31, 2006

Girl Scouting is part of an international organization called WAGGGS, which stands for World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts of the USA is a part of that organization and our membership in it is represented via the WAGGGS pin girls and adults wear on their vest or tab above their membership pin. WAGGGS has four world centers which provide scouting opportunities to girls and adults from all over the world. More information can be found via the WAGGGS Web site.

NATIONAL  GSUSA, Girl Scouts of the USA, is our National organization with its headquarters located in New York. GSUSA provides most of the materials leaders and scouts use in the day to day running of our troops. Handbooks, Uniforms, Insignia, try-its, badges, IPs, charms, some patches, accessories, and the extremely important Safety Wise. The annual membership dues you pay go directly to GSUSA. It's web site is an excellent resource for both leaders and girls. GSUSA Web site

 Your local Girl Scout Council provides camping and meeting facilities, training for adult volunteers, training for older girls and some programming for girls in all age levels. The Council's Store carries GSUSA uniforms and insignia and a variety of items useful in scouting. The sale of girl scout cookies is a primary source of income for the Council.

Troops are geographically grouped into Districts or Service Units. Each District/Service Unit has a team of volunteer adults, often troop leaders, who serve as a liaison between Council and the individual troops. This team will often provide programming for troops to participate in and training for the adult leaders. District/Service Units meetings are held on a regular basis which allows the team to share important information with troop leaders, and gives leaders an opportunity to get to know one another.

YOU  Your Troop is the most important link in delivering the girl scout experience. Your time and energy are what drive and maintain the program. As a Troop Leader, you are one of the most valuable assets girl scouting has. If you have questions about anything, you are encouraged to get in touch with your district/service unit team. They are there to assist you when you need it. You have only to call. There are no dumb questions, just the possibility of doing something dumb if you don't ask.

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